Above ground swimming pools

Spanish Property Choice have teamed up with the areas leading above ground swimming pool suppliers. They desing, build, deliver and install above ground pools to fit the landscape.

Why choose an above ground pool?

There are many reasons people would chose an above ground pool, one of the main reasons in this area of Spain (Andalucia) is that if you do not currently have a pool, unless you are on urban land you most likely will not get permission for a below ground pool to be installed due to local politics and the current situations in many town halls, who will not give licences for anything on rustic land (There are one or two town halls who have implemented innovations that do, but its best to check first). So if you are looking for a property and the agent says "this does not have a pool but you can always have one installed" then please be vigilant and request for this to be clarified by your solicitor prior to any purchase. You don´t want your dream home in Spain to become a nightmare based on promises!

On a similar note if a property does currently have a swimming pool, again please ask your solicitor to make sure it is registered on the deeds prior to your sale completing. There have been instances recently when people have been told the cost for registration will be held back at completion however there have also been several instances where after completion the paperwork has been presented to the land registry and they have refused the approval of a swimming pool. So best to be safe than sorry, it may delay the completion slightly but it is the best way to do it for your benefit.

The good news is however you do not need permission for an above ground swimming pool hence why these are such a good option. These wood panel pools are ideal for any size garden and can be made to any shape affording versatility and a bespoke finish for the fraction of an above ground swimming pool.

The team offer a free home design service and they can bring your dream to life or suggest the best size, shape and location for your pool to make the most of it. The wood panel pools are made of natural Scandinavian heat-treated redwood pine and is guaranteed by the pool company for 10 years. You can also have bespoke wood decking surrounds.

(Please note the information about the swimming pools, design, delivery and installation is supplied to Spanish Property Choice by the manufactures. The suppliers, designer, manufacturers and fitters have 100% responsibility for the product, workmanship, delivery and fitting of this product. Spanish Property Choice are purely affording the information above as a general recommendation for this service).

The price list has also been supplied by the supply company and is a general guideline and can change at any point. So it is best to get the team out to survey the area and to give you a full written quote and design before you make any final decisions.

The general cost for an above ground swimming pool of this quality if far less than the cost of a below ground pool.

For further information about this service please email Sharon on:

thegarners@spanishpropertychoice.com and I will put you in touch with the company and they can make arrangements at your convenience to come and visit you. Should you feel you would like a below ground swimming pool we can also put you in touch with another company who can be of assistance.

We hope this information helps. Warm regards Sharon.