Buying a Car in Spain

ITV (MOT) Technical (Inspección Técnica de Vehículos)

You have now found your amazing property with The Garners and Spanish Property Choice and you now want to buy a car or maybe you are bringing a car with you.

So below is just a little information to help you on your car journey. Before you can register a car/vehicle her in Spain, it first must pass what the Spanish call, an ITV test.

The various technical specifications of the car you intend to purchase or bring with you, where it was from etc, will effect the test and what paperwork is required.

Has the car EU conformity? Is it a right hand drive? Is it a commercial vehicle? These will all affect the requirements of the ITV centre.

Car Tax

When your car has passed the ITV test and you have your documents from the ITV centre, you can then tax your car.

Car Road Tax

To register for road tax you have to go to your local town hall or provincial tax office. Depending on what part of Spain you live in it is known as SUMA or IVTM. This tax is calculated normally by the horse power of the vehicle and is mandatory in Spain.

How much is Car Tax in Andalusia?

In Andalusia you will pay around 50€ a year for a small car and around 200€ for larger vehicles.

Can I pay my Car Tax online?

Yes you can do pay your Car Tax online or you can pay in person at the tax office. You will need your identification documents and also the supporting documentation you have acquired of the vehicle registration, along with its characteristics, including the frame or serial number. You have to go to Payment of Taxes Online and complete the forms. Payment by Credit Card or Bizum.

Special Registrations Tax

For you to register a vehicle, you must pay a special registrations tax. This cost is based on many factors which includes the age of the car and the emissions. It is important to note that in some situations, if the registration of a car is due to a change of residency status, this tax can be waived as you are within your rights to bring your vehicle with you as part of your personal belongings.

Change of Ownership Tax

Let´s just say that you are a resident in Spain and that you haven’t owned the vehicle for a certain amount of time, be aware that you may be asked to pay Transmissions Tax. This also applies if the paperwork isn’t in your name.

Can you check if a Car Tax has been paid?

YES, In Spain, you can obtain a vehicle report, it is called an Informe de un vehículo. You can obtain either a standard report or a detailed report.


Final stage, along with your ITV documents and proof your tax is all sorted, you can move on to Tráfico. They provide you with your ownership documents and registration plate number. They will require your passport, NIE or residency along with proof of residency, to be able to provide you with your plate number. When you have this, you can then have your Spanish plates made up and you will find there are many outlets to do this for you, so don't worry about that.

Please note: Spanish Property Choice & The Garners have made every effort to obtain the information regarding the information above from external sources deemed reliable. However, we cannot warrant the complete accuracy thereof subject to errors, omissions, change of price or other conditions. We do have a professional source who can help and complete this process for you. Email [email protected] with your full contact details and permission to forward those details onto the professional source, who in turn will contact you directly.