Legalities - Using a Legal Representative - Lawyer & Abogados

Spanish Property Choice always recommend our buyers to use a fully independent solicitor and what better recommendation is there than from clients who have purchased through us since 2007. So we have compiled a list for you of those solicitors who have offered our clients a professional and pro-active service in purchasing their dream home in Spain.

They all speak English and are located within the province of Costa Almeria, Spain.

You can contact them directly or upon your arrival we will arrange an appointment for you on your behalf for you to visit your chosen solicitor during your stay. It is imperative for YOU to choose the solicitor, we recommend you do not use a vendors, developers or an agents solicitor, always use an independent solicitor so that you know the solicitor is working for you.

Should we be lucky enough that you choose Spanish Property Choice to purchase your dream home through, we will supply your chosen solicitor with all the documentation required for the safe purchase of your property along with your sales agreement or reservation contract.

They will conduct the conveyancing required, and carry out their checks to ensure that you are protected.

Spanish Property Choice after many years of experience have learnt that most purchases in Spain go very smoothly, you only hear about those that don't! So please feel confident in the knowledge we do everything we can to make your purchase a dream and not a nightmare by complying with the Decree 218.

Legal Representatives – Lawyers and Abogados that have been recommended to us by our clients who have purchased through us over the years, for your information and perusal.

Angela Morales - Angela Morales & Rodriguez Gironés

Solicitors Abogados

Paseo del Mediterraneo 355, Mojacar, 04638, Almeria

Call: 0034 950 478 984


Jose Angel de la Torre Moran

23 Andalucia Street, 1-F, 04800, Albox

12 Quemada Street, 1-B, 29640, Fuengirola, Malaga.

Call: 0034 950 081495


Alejandro Guerrero - Ana Belén Meroño Jiménez

Grupo Salvador Abogada / Solicitor member 82083 of Madrid Law Society

Paseo Mediterraneo 327, Mojacar, 04638

Call: 0034 950 473 192


Alfredo Saugar Saugar -Saugar Abogados

Parque Comercial, 100, Mojácar, 04638, Almería.

Call: 0034 950 615 038


Carmen Guerra - CG Legal & Financial

Local 11a, 1st Floor, Centro Comercial Montemar, Mojacar Playa, 04638.

Call: 0034 950 472 504


Michael Davies —Davies Abogados/ Solicitors & Barristers

Parque Comercial, 50, Mojacar, 04638.

Call: 0034 950 472 775


Raquel Aragon Extremera - MAM Solicitors - Martinez-Abarca & Muñoz

Call: 0034 950 393 100


Luisa Maria Morales - Euro Abodados

Calle del Mar, 45, Edif. Vegamar, 1ª planta, local 1, 04620, Vera.

Call: 0034 950 617 017


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