Purchase costs when buying a property in Spain


The Andalusian Government has approved a REDUCTION in the Property Transfer Tax and the Stamp Duty for the purchase of properties in Andalusia.

The tax rate of the Property Transfer Tax was until now as per below information was 8%, 9% and 10% of the price depending on the amount of the purchase price. However they have agreed to reduce it to 7% in all cases, independently from the said purchase price.
This is going to mean an important saving for purchasers.
Apart from the said reduction they have also approved a reduction in the Stamp Duty from 1.5% to 1.2% of the price.
The Stamp Duty is paid by purchasers who purchase brand new properties from a developer. In theses cases they have to pay 10% I.V.A. on the purchase price plus the Stamp Duty. This Stamp Duty was until now 1.5% of the price but it has been reduced to 1.2%.
Both reductions were published yesterday in the Official Bulletin of Andalucia and they are in force from the 28th of April 2021. This means that the reduced tax rates will be applied to all the purchasers who sign their Title Deeds from this date onwards.

Here in Spain the purchase costs, on-costs as they are known locally could be between 9% and 17% over and above the purchase price depending on what part of Spain you are looking at. Here in Almeria it is 9% on-costs on an average sale unless you require a mortgage and then you need to add between 1or 2% extra for bank set up fees.

Spanish Property Choice Real Estate S.L. Specialise in both inland and coastal properties in the Almeria region!

We advise our clients to add 9% onto any purchase price which covers - 7% Transfer Tax, Notary Fees, Land Registry Fees and Solicitors Fees. If you decide to leave POA with a solicitor their fee is between 120€ and 150€ on average.

There were 3 purchase price level structures as per below, however in 2021 it was amended to a flat rate of 7% across the board. (It may revert back to these figures in the future & we will update as and when should this happen)

1) Up to 400,000€ your transfer tax is 8%.

2) From 400,001€ to 700,000€ it is 9%

3) From 700,001 and above is 10%

So for example if your property price is €100,000 it could cost €107,000 (or more) by the time you complete and take possession of the property.

This is an example below of puchase costs for one of our properties. All properties on our website have a full breakdown of costs on each property listing to help your search.

LET US DO THE WORK FOR YOU.... When you contact Spanish Property Choice and The Garners all you need to do is give us our full criteria and your overall budget! We will then source properties to match.

hope this information is of help to you in your search so that right from the start you clearly understand how much a property will cost you, what price bracket can you look at.

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