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For any owner of a property it´s important to put your property with a long standing company who´s door is always open to you. Here in Spain it´s not the same as the UK where most agents sell within a 20 mile radius of their office. Spanish Property Choice & The Garners of Channel 4, Sun, Sea and Selling Houses, afford their vendors unrivalled exposure, with the power of TV being us.

As a well known household name in Spanish Real Estate after featuring for the past 7 years in a popular UK TV show called Sun, Sea and Selling Houses, The Garner family have been Garner-ing TV heaven and are now, the "Go to trusted & well known agent" for Costa Almeria, Spain.

Their purchasers have seen how the business works, they know The Garner family and the amazing team of Spanish Property Choice. They also know they have a fantastic, diverse portfolio of both inland and coastal properties and are the only, local independent agent, to have offices in Mojacar, Albox and Huercal Overa to aid their clients search.

The company with the power of TV behind them!

The company who put themselves out there for all to see, and who think out of the box!

To do this we need to make sure we have the largest marketing structure in place, which we do being regional partners of the second largest real estate platform, Hamptons UK & International. This means our properties are in over 1888 offices worldwide. Along with Rightmove & A Place in The Sun, our partnerships are unrivalled within our province.

Spanish Property Choice are page 1 Google ranking for Spanish Property! (Not bad for your local family run business)

We are also premium exhibitors at major exhibitions all over the world, taking our properties to new heights. Our company are very proud that our company were chosen by A Place in The Sun, as exclusive agents for Costa Almeria for the A Place in The Sun Boutique property exhibitions. The Launch show was on the the 26th & 27th October 2019 at the Hilton Hotel, Williams Street, Glasgow. These are exclusive events with chosen agents from selected areas all over the world to come together as experts in their field. So our fully independent portfolio of both inland and coastal properties were showcased at these events and they will continue within the UK and Ireland. Dates will be announced on our Facebook page and tickets will be available on our website.

So how do you go about putting your property on our books? The following documentation is required prior to the marketing of your property in line with the law the Decree 218/2005.

We often get told by vendors that no other agent has asked for this documentation and they are marketing their property, so why are we asking for it? Our answer is and always will be "its the law"

We understand it is a pain to supply it but the end result for you as an owner is:

1) We will achieve a quick and efficient sale and 2) You can get fined as an owner for not supplying the requested documentation and instructing the marketing without it. 3) It will give you peace of mind 4) Any pre existing issues can be picked up now and dealt with, rather than delaying or losing a sale.

Team work makes the dream work we say!


We would require a copy of each of the documents listed below, if you are not on a community then of course the community fees and rules and regulations are not applicable to you. You can scan them to us, bring them in on a disk, email them, ask your solicitor to send them to us or bring them in and we will copy them.

To clarify a few documents: The reason we ask for a Nota Simple dated within the last 3 months is it is the most up to date document available to clarify the legal status and current registration of your property, it will be requested again by your solicitor at point of sale and also the notary will request one just before completion, again to prove the status as of that time and date.

We ask for copies of utility bills to prove the property is on mains services and they will be handed to the solicitors on completion for the changes of names for such services. Community fees are requested to clarify the community fees have been paid to date.

An AFO (A Fuera de Ordenacion) is required not in line with the Decree 218 but to regularise houses built without a licence of 1st occupation, reformed or changed in any way without the relevant documentation within the last 6 years.

The EPC again many owners are being told they do not have to supply this until point of sale! This is not true! It is the law for any marketing of a property that this information "must be displayed" and supplied to the agent, even if you are selling yourself you have to display the same information or fines of up to 6,000€ can be imposed on you the vendor! (Real Decreto 235/2013 Just check this out on the internet)

*If I had an agent willing to market my property without this information knowing the law could impose a fine on me, would prove they do not have my best interests at heart or the purchasers for that matter.* The cost is 100€ IVA = 121€ in total paid to the architect who does it directly. It lasts for 10 years. (If the grading is a G, the EPC lasts for 5 years & will require updating)

  • NOTA SIMPLE (Must have been obtained within the last 3 months)
  • NIE


Supplying this documentation forms part of the Decree 218/2005 as stated above... it stipulates that any vendor using an estate agent must supply the above documentation to their chosen agent. Failure to do so renders any reputable compliant agent, unable to market your property (legally).

Spanish Property Choice are here to help you secure a quick and efficient sale, supplying the paperwork allows us to do this, by having your paperwork checked and highlighting any outstanding issues that could hold up or lose you a prospective sale. If you would like to market your property with Spanish Property Choice please contact Kim at [email protected] or call: 34 950 615 388.


This process helps you our clients, by affording you complete consumer confidence! you can feel secure in the knowledge that any property Spanish Property Choice show you, the paperwork has been pre checked by an independent solicitor and that the vendor of the property is pro-active in helping the sale of their property, which all adds up to a secure, stress free purchase for you.

You may see many properties on the web, for sale with many agents but it is important for you to know a few facts! Many agents do not update their website, they keep properties on not only to make their sites more attractive to buyers but also they use these properties as "feeder properties" as its known in the trade, especially if they are bargains. It is a way of getting clients to chose them as they appear to have lots and lots of great value properties but when you ask about them or visit, they are no longer available! or the owner is on holiday and we can do viewings! or the owner is not well! and so on. Also many agents share properties with each other, plus there are multi agent properties. How does this affect you as a buyer? well the lead agent may have sold the property a while ago but you may find it still available on their collaborators site and if that collaborator shares with more agents, on their sites also. So a house that was sold a long time ago hangs around like a bad penny because there is no control over the listing or the agents keep it on as I say to make their own portfolio look good. You may also see the price can differ depending on what the other agents add to the price to cover their commission, the more agents involved the more commission is built into the price to cover it, so you end up paying more money as a purchaser for the property.

Since we opened our Albox and Huercal Overa office we are shocked at the amount of properties offered to us that do not have any or very little paperwork! however they are currently being marketed by many agents! Some of these properties are being marketed for a very low price to basically "get rid of the property and the issue" its a fact! You may think you are getting a bargain but believe me you maybe buying into a huge problem, maybe not initially but when you come to sell or want to make any changes, as the laws move forward and develop its inevitable the documentation will come back and bite you in your wallet!

We had a client recently who asked us to sell their property for them, they basically purchased a property 4 years ago through an agent who specialised in the said area but after we checked their paperwork for them it came to light it was still in the previous owners name and nothing had been presented during that period for update. In truth if the previous owners had have walked through their door and taken back the house there would have been absolutely nothing the clients could have done, they had purchased on a private contract not even signed by the previous owner. We subsequently helped them rectify this and get everything registered by recommending a good lawyer, but it cost them a lot of money to do that, which is hard to recoup as a house is only worth what it is. However we have now sold it for them but at least they can sleep at night knowing they have not passed the issue onto someone else. It had actually been marketed for 12 months prior on 4 other agents sites and not one had picked up the issue.

So all we can say, is if it sounds too good to be true, it normally is! Of course there are issues that can arise with any sale as no one is perfect and to be fair its only the solicitors that have the full access to more in-depth information that could potentially highlight any hidden issues, but being pro active by collating all the paperwork prior to marketing and having vendors who are also pro active makes for an easy resolution to any issue that may arise or aid a very quick stress free sale for all.

*Spanish Property Choice will not take any property onto their books without the strict agreement from the vendor to supply the relevant documentation required prior to sale and also any requested during the sales process* We have a dedicated members of our team called Kim (Mojacar office)

Val (Albox office)

Andrea in our Huercal Overa office who all deal with the paperwork required.

So should you be a buyer or seller, please feel free to call into anyone of our offices either in Mojacar, Albox or Huercal Overa and speak to the team, who are there to help and guide you all the way.

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